DLSN-2 is a kind of silicone resin spherical powder with excellent light diffusion effect, can effectively shield lamp beads and maintain high light transmittance, especially suitable for manufacturing LED lampshades, lamp tubes and diffusers.


  • Micro spherical particles with uniform particle size
  • Has excellent light transmittance and light diffusion effect
  • Heat resistance up to 400˚C, no decomposition, no discoloration
  • Good compatibility with plastic substrates, easy to disperse evenly


  • LED lampshade, lamp tube and diffuser, etc.
  • Suitable for PC, PMMA, PS, PP and other plastic substrates


Appearance  white powder
Shape  spherical
Average particle size  2um
Particle size span <0.5
Moisture content <1%

Typical physical properties

True specific gravity  1.32
Refractive index (nD at 25˚C)  1.43
Thermal stability (TGA) -


  1. Store in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight
  2. Keep the container tightly closed


  • 20Kg carton


  1. Please wear protective gloves, dust masks, goggles and other protective equipment during operation. Avoid contact with skin, eyes or clothing. If contact is accidental, please wash with soapy water (please wash eyes with plenty of water).
  2. This product is classified as a non-hazardous material in the fire protection law, but it is strictly forbidden to approach the fire source in a dusty place that may cause a dust explosion.
  3. For details, please refer to [Material Data Safety Sheet]