A powdery substance used for coloring. It does not dissolve in water, grease, resin, organic solvents and other media, but can be evenly dispersed in these media, and can make the media color, and has a certain hiding power. Sometimes it can also change certain properties of the media. Pigments are indispensable raw materials for the manufacture of paints, inks, oil paints, cosmetic oils, and colored paper. It is also used for filling and coloring plastic and rubber products and synthetic fiber stock solution.

Main performance

The main requirements for plastic additives are: high efficiency: they can effectively perform their due functions in plastic processing and applications. The selection of additives should be based on the comprehensive performance requirements of the compound.

  • Compatibility: It can be better compatible with synthetic resin.
  • Persistence: No volatilization, no exudation, no migration, no dissolution during plastic processing and application.
  • Chemical stability: It will not decompose during plastic processing and application, and will not chemically react with synthetic resin and other components.
  • Non-toxic: No toxic effects on the human body. The price is low.